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Kityang Music Troupe

The Kityang Association completed major renovation works at the club premises in 2012, and during one of the gatherings held after that, some Kityang members who were also Teochew music enthusiasts met and decided to set up the Teochew Music Troupe. It was a lovely coincidence, as the Association was in the midst of deciding on the activity proper for the association as well and forming the troupe seem a natural step to take.

In the beginning, the newly created music troupe made use of Social media to reach out to more new music enthusiasts like themselves. The troupe hence consisted of some old association members and new ones too. Practices then begun at the association premises on a weekly basis for the past three years now, as the troupe practiced various Teochew pieces, duet pieces included. They also practiced percussion pieces. There were however, still a shortage of percussion musicians but this was made up by using the electronic equipment and handled by one percussionist, a first in Singapore!

The Kityang association Teochew music troupe is extremely thankful and appreciative of the support rendered by the Kityang Association main committee. This enabled the troupe to continuously be active in the Teochew music arena, and also provided the avenue to attract and train new musical talents to the troupe. The beginning of this year saw the establishment of Erhu (Chinese fiddle) and Guzheng (Chinese zither) classes as well and this will greatly increase the chances of the troupe sourcing for such talents in the future. To date since its establishment, the Kityang Music Troupe has performed in many functions, like the Kityang Huay Guan 72th year anniversary celebrations,

2014 Teochew Poit Ip Huay Guan Chinese New Year celebrations, Cui Huay Lim Club Committee Inauguration Ceremony amongst others, and also the Po Leng Huay Guan Winter Solace Celebration Night etc.

Kityang Singing Class

One of the ongoing activities of the Kityang Huay Guan, is the singing class which happens every Friday, 8pm to 10pm, He Cai Xia being the singing instructor. The current class size is a little more than 10 persons, and this is also a good chance for Kityang descendents to mingle and catch up.

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